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Virginia Seafood Suppliers


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The Virginia Marine Products Board has developed this directory of Virginia Suppliers to help you find just the right supplier for your business' needs. If you need any more help in identifying specific suppliers, please don't hesitate to call the Virginia Marine Products Board at 757/874-3474 (FISH).

Our Fish Are Clean Before You
Ever Take A Knife To Them.

Quality Control From Virginia

Virginia Seafood Shield

In Virginia we like to say that our fish are clean before you ever take a knife to them. How can we make such a promise? Very simply, we have stringent inspection and quality control measures to make sure that seafood harvested from Virginia waters is clean and safe. And that our processing houses keep it that way.

State agencies for agriculture, health and marine resources are responsible for conducting continual inspections of Virginia’s waters and processing plants. These stringent inspection policies mean that you can feel confident when you buy seafood from Virginia.

Virginia’s Promotional Support

Virginia offers a wide variety of support materials and training to help you sell more seafood. Whether your customers are retailers, restaurateurs or consumers, there’s something to help. We have available a wide range of helpful recipe brochures, species fact sheets, informational videos, there’s something for everyone. So, if you’re looking for materials to help you sell more seafood, call Virginia Marine Products Board. Check out our web site at for the latest information on Virginia Seafood. We’re ready to be your partner-in-profit.

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